Liberty Station : 5 Reasons We Love Working Here

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Liberty Station?? Where is that and what is “Liberty Station”?

Isn’t Liberty Station that old military base in Point Loma? Full of pink building, grocery stores and townhomes? I think I’ve heard Stone Brewing has their brewery there right?

These were my exact thoughts four years ago when I was first introduced to Liberty Station. A group of friends brought me here and I made the decision that I had no real reason to come back and visit. Fast forward to 2018 and I can’t not spend some part of every single day here. Consequently, it doesn’t help that I work in Liberty Station and live 2 miles away in OB; but still, 4 years later and this place is amazing. We couldn’t be more grateful to have our location in Liberty Station and here’s why.

 1. FREE Parking

Are you kidding me!? I shouldn’t even have to explain this. Who doesn’t love free parking, especially when it is regarding a location you’re going to 5+/- days a week. Anytime I have to go to a part of San Diego that I know parking will be a hassle, I begin to sweat profusely and think about how many people are going to honk at me while I’m trying to parallel park in a spot half the size of my car but really is the only available spot so I try it anyway. All of that being said, WE LOVE FREE PARKING!! Plus, think about how many potential clients you can get a meeting with when you tell them that parking is not a hassle.

2. Food, Food, Food

I love eating. Most people would probably agree with me that it’s fairly essential to life as well as one of the more pleasurable things we all have in common. Experiencing different cuisines or staying true to your taste buds are both solid ways to live life and here in Liberty Station, you can do just that. Liberty Station is the host to more than fifty one restaurants and bars! Everything from stand alone restaurants like Fireside and The Lot to the Liberty Public Market that boasts more than twenty different businesses to grab lunch, meet a client, or network.

3. Lots of Grass

Noooo, not that kind of grass. Even thought it is 2018, this grass has been available to the general public pre-Y2K. Since there is more than 42 acres of grass fields, parks, and a golf course you basically have enough space to do almost anything you want; within reason of course. YUP! So much space for activities. It’s about eighteen thousand times bigger than Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s bedroom in Step Brothers and about the same multiple in professional upkeep and maintenance. In all reality, we love that Liberty Station provides the perfect opportunity to step outside the office and not feel trapped in a concrete jungle.

4. So Many Activities!

I promise this isn’t a Step Brothers themed post, but there sure are a lot of similarities. With that being said, Liberty Station does a pretty good job at providing and informing the public of things to do. Weddings! Festivals! Dances! Continuing Education Events! Networking Events! Bridal Expos! Art Walks! So many things. With more than 250 businesses located here; Liberty Station is planting a strong root in to the business world of San Diego. For a list of all of the events happening in Liberty Station, check out this calendar.

5. Everything is Here! 

Liberty Station has literally become it’s own neighborhood and we couldn’t be MORE excited. In one day I can play a 9 hole round of golf, walk to my office, shower, smash some emails, ride a bike to the gym during lunch, ride back to the Public Market for lunch, get back to the office and finish the work day before 5pm. Having the option to do so many life things within walking proximity of the office creates an opportunity to be efficient in both your daily life and commute.

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