Moniker Event: Who Made Your Clothes

Last week here at Moniker Commons, Jasmine Brown, sustainable lifestyle and fashion blogger from thatcurlytop and our very own Moniker General stylist, held a captivating and heart shifting event. Titled, “Who Made Your Clothes” Jasmine seamlessly and honestly opened up the conversation to both learn and unpack the hard truths about the fast fashion industry. Over twenty individuals came out and together watched, ‘True Cost’, a film on the industry and after went through a phenomenal workshop lead by Jasmine that allowed for discussion in a safe, fun and non judgmental environment! Those who came to the event left with both a true understanding and also easy and tangible ways to make an impact and stay inspired and motivated to do what they can in large and small ways.


1. Do your research – find educational resources to create a foundation for your beliefs

2. Go on an unfollow spree- Unsubscribe and unfollow from fast fashion emails and any influencers that heavily push fast fashion to remove their influence from your life

3. Go on a Follow spree- Follow positive sustainable fashion influences to surround yourself in an encouraging, informative, and supportive community who will help you in your journey

4. Use the buyerarchy of needs- a model similar to Maslows hierarchy of needs that help you address your wardrobe and how to shop

5. Give yourself and others grace- this is like learning any other skill in life. You won’t learn everything over night and you’ll never be perfect.

Learn more about Jasmine and all things sustainable fashion and hear more about the event over on her blog. Thanks for such an inspirational event Jasmine, and for sharing your passions and leaving us truly informed and equipped. 

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