Moniker Journal: Happy Hour with Boochcraft

We kicked off summer with a happy hour hang with Boochcraft! As the Boochcraft was poured we let our creativity flow with watercoloring. Taking time to sit in the sunshine, play some ping pong, enter a raffle of summer necessities and dip some paint brushes helped to rejuvenate us and made for an afternoon filled with fun.

We love an excuse to get together, dive deeper and to invest in relationship with one another here at Moniker Commons. Members here have a story to tell & passions that range on a wide scale so being able to sit and truly catch up is always exciting and refreshing.

Boochcraft featured their watermelon, mint and chili hard alcohol kombucha that was the perfect sip to toast to the next months of summer ahead. Whether you want something to give as a gift or cheers with on your porch with some friends, this drink would be a fan favorite. We served it alongside some popsicles & it truly felt like we were chilling on the playground listening to that last school bell sending us into summer vacation.

Shout out to Chantel for winning the raffle. Thanks for reading & be encouraged to take the time to have a happy hour with your team or friends every once and awhile. It is sure to be a great way to press the ‘refresh’ button and propel you into summer.

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