Moniker Journal: Out of the Office

Bonding with coworkers is sometimes best done out of the office. With this mindset we set sail… literally. We had our breakfast burritos in hand and headed out in search of some summer swell and a coastal breeze. The ocean met us with a layer of June gloom that holds a type of peace that is about as dense as the fog resting on the sea. Party waves were had, laughs were shared and mimosas were poured.

Our day resting & surfing in the Pacific reminded us of the beauty and necessity of slowing down. Of celebrating the little and big team victories, and simply enjoying the company of one another. In the end it’s the people you do life with both outside of work and during the nine to five, that matter most.

Next time you’re debating that off site, happy hour, or congratulating a team member on a job well done, take our advice and go for it. You won’t regret it. It’s in those little moments that your team members will realize that the job they’ve been waiting for and dreaming of has made its way to them.

Scroll through below for some photos of our salty & dreamy offsite with the Moniker Group team.

Photos by @Meganhaynes_ shot on film.

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