Moniker Member Highlight: Annie Jolley

We can’t help but use our platform to tell the world what rad things our members are doing in this current season. Annie Jolley is an I N C R E D I B L E human and professional freelance content writer and journalist. We sat down, socially distanced via the inter-webs to learn more about Annie, what it she does professionally, learn a bit about copywriting, what books she’s reading, life at Moniker, and more! Thanks for taking the time to sit down Annie!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is you do professionally? 
    • Hey! I’m a freelance content writer and journalist. I live in Ocean Beach with my husband and our dog. I’ve been in San Diego for over seven years but this summer I bought my first (non-hand-me-down) wetsuit, so now things feel official.
  1. That’s awesome, congrats on your first new wetsuit! How did you get started in the world of journalism, copywriting, and other content writing?
    • The short story is that I studied creative writing in undergraduate and graduate school and wanted to build my own business on those skills. I worked for years in the nonprofit and social-good sphere, so I began freelancing by writing about humanitarian issues, both for magazines and nonprofits. From there, I expanded to cover other subjects and partner with for-profit brands.
  1. What type of clients hire you for your services?
    • I freelance as both a content writer and a journalist. This means that brands and agencies hire me to write for them—from website copy to blog posts to annual reports—and that magazines also hire me to report original stories.
  1. Fascinating! How do you go about marketing your services to your ideal client? What’s been the best method of marketing for you? 
    • I’ve done a lot of marketing this year, and I mean a LOT. I send cold LOIs, I pitch stories, I create profiles on job networks, I update my website and promote my work on social media…but honestly, my best clients come through word of mouth! I’m thankful to work with good people, and I’m extra thankful that they pass my name on to other good people.
  1. Do you have an ideal client or industry that you absolutely love writing for?
    • When reporting, I gravitate toward stories that touch on food, borders, ecology, or some combination of those things. When writing for brands or agencies, I’m more interested in the people than the product: if the client is friendly, responsive, creative, and trusting, we’ll probably enjoy collaborating.
  1. Personally, I don’t find much enjoyment in writing or journaling, but I do understand the value that it can bring a company, or individual for personal growth… Besides hiring you, do you have a few recommendations for best practices to create that habit or enjoyment of writing?
    • Not everyone needs to enjoy writing on a personal level (though I do think it’s useful for self-reflection and documenting particular seasons). But clear, compelling writing is one of the first impressions brands make on a prospective client or customer. Some companies throw together copy as an afterthought or space filler, rather than using it to shape their brand and the impression it leaves. This is your chance to tell your story—don’t miss it!
  1. If you could look back on your childhood, what experiences or things did you do regularly that led you to this career?
    • I think almost all writers started out as readers. My parents read to me and my brother when we were growing up, which showed me how immersive and magical the world of words could be. Also, I was a curious kid—some adults called this perceptive, while others called it nosy. Either way, curiosity taught me to ask good questions and listen closely.
  1. From where or whom do you gather the most inspiration?
    • Traveling. The Longform and OnBeing podcasts. Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Poetry. Essayists from E.B. White to Jia Tolentino. Long runs where my thoughts can roam and work out problems beneath the surface—but those kinds of runs are rare and lucky.
  1. Are you reading any books right now, if so what?!
  1. What do you love most about working in Liberty Station?
    • As a self-employed writer, my work can feel pretty solitary. I love seeing friendly faces at Commons and striking up conversations in the kitchen. Even when I’m working on a story by myself, having a communal space in which to work energizes me. (As does the coffee.) 
  1. If you could have an all expenses paid vacation right now, where would you want to go?
    • This is one of my favorite conversation starters. Right now, I’d be really excited to travel through some of Indonesia’s more remote islands. 
  1. Any current plans for the Summer or Fall that you’re stoked on? Albeit the current COVID-19 circumstances.
    • Yes! My husband and I are planning a fall road trip up the California coast and into southern Oregon to do some beach camping.

Copywriting is super valuable to any brand and will forever be one of the best forms of investing in your content. To learn more about Annie Jolley and hiring her services, go visit her website and follow her on social media! Twitter : @annelisejolley & Instagram : @annelisejolley

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