Moniker Member Highlight: Carissa Casares

The members who work here in Moniker Commons are who make this place beautiful. They bring the fun, Monday morning smiles, hard work and our personal favorite… their pets! We are kicking off this summer season with a member highlight and starting with our girl Carissa. She’s a total marketing extraordinaire with f a n t a s t i c style, if we do say so ourselves, and holds down the San Diego team of Bread & Butter ! We caught up with Carissa to learn more about all things summer plans, public relations, dog-mom life and of course life here at Moniker! Thanks for your time Carissa, we love having you around the office!

  1. Who do you work for?

Bread & Butter, a national communications agency. We work with clients across all areas of hospitality – renowned chefs & restaurants, wineries and distinctive food & beverage brands. We offer public relations, creative and digital marketing services.

  1. What do you do for Bread and Butter?

I’m an account supervisor, so I oversee the public relations campaigns for all the clients we work with out of our San Diego office. Day-to-day I work with our team to make sure that we’re doing our job to increase brand awareness and spread the word about our amazing clients! Some of our clients are: Buona Forchetta, Pop Pie Co., Puesto, Stella Jean’s, Bobboi Natural Gelato and Simsim.

  1. We LOVE your sidekick Gus! If he had a work title what would it be?

Puplicist or Pawleague

  1. What’s your favorite part of being a Dog Mama?

Morning snuggles in bed. And the fact that I can leave him home unattended if I need to.

  1. Favorite food in Liberty Station?

The Sofia pizza at Officine Buona Forchetta

  1. Okay we love your work style, where do you find your inspo?

Thank you! I love stopping into small boutiques both at home and when I travel. I also follow a very edited selection of influencers on Instagram whose style I adore. They help keep me relevant. I’m always inspired by the effortless dressing of Parisian women. My goal is to look like I could run an art gallery. Maybe I’m succeeding?

  1. What do you love most about Moniker Commons?

The people! It has been so great to meet people who become colleagues even though we don’t technically work together. I also love the attention to detail and design, and the Earl Grey Crème tea.

  1. Why San Diego?

I’m a native! I grew up in Oceanside. My husband is from San Diego, too, and most of our family is still here, so it’s home.

  1. If you could have an all-expenses paid vacation right now, where would you want to go?


  1. What are your summer plans?

I prefer traveling in the spring and fall to avoid the summer crowds and heat, so I’m staying in San Diego for the summer, with the exception of a trip to New York City to surprise my mother-in-law this month. It’s her first time there and we’re taking her to Niagara Falls!

Learn more about Bread & Butter by heading to their website at or follow them on social here. We will leave you with this photo of Gus as inspiration to get out there & enjoy the weekend!

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