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Today we’re sharing an interview with did with Steve Secviar of LESS+MORE. Steve and his partner Mike Savacool have been in the creative/digital branding industry for a couple decades now and I’m excited to share with you our conversation… Enjoy!

Hey Steve! Thanks for doing this interview with us and sharing a bit about you and the company. For starters, what is the name of your company and what do you do?
My partner and I started Savacool Secviar Brand Communications a little over 14 years ago. In 2014 we renamed the company to LESS+MORE to better reflect our shared values and ethos. We are a creative agency thats specializes in strategic branding. We design and develop brand identities and marketing creative in both traditional and digital mediums.

Wow! Had no idea ya’ll started 14 years ago and re-branded in 2014! What is your role within Less+More?
My official title is Partner and Chief Creative Officer – but the nature of a small business requires my partner Mike and I touching nearly every facet of the company, from HR to sales, planning to execution, concept to production.
My primary function though, is that of Creative Director – leading the creative arm of LESS+MORE. I concept, strategize, write, design and produce.

That’s awesome, sounds like you do touch every facet of the of the company. What inspired you and Mike to start the company?
We met long ago at an ad agency. Mike was an art director at the agency, and my mentor during my internship there. As our relationship strengthened, we decided to partner and launch our own studio so that we could bring our unique perspective to clients. We realized that we share important values such as a tireless work ethic, a want for good life/work balance, and a need to create great design and branding.

Nice, sounds like a good friendship turned in to a well balanced professional relationship. What’s your favorite part of being a creative agency?
I really love that I can learn so much from so many different people and industries. We will never have as much knowledge or insight as our clients in regards to their business, but at the start of a project there is a thrill in becoming a “quick expert” via discovery calls, research, and strategy sessions.

I love that perspective! Everyone is an expert in something and being able to learn that from your clients, seems very exciting and invaluable! Do you work strictly with companies in San Diego?
We cut our teeth with hospitality companies here in San Diego – at one time we had developed branding or design for nine different venues and companies in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. Since then we have grown to work with companies all over the country and world (the furthest being a restaurant in Moscow) in a myriad of industries.

Whoa! A restaurant in Moscow! That’s fun.. do you all have a dream/goal company that you would love to work with or inspires your style?
I think I can safely speak for my partner in saying we’d love to work with an outdoor brand – maybe something that has a long heritage. Personally, I would love to work with Coleman. There is so much tradition there. I was born in the Midwest, nearly all my family worked in the steel mills – the green Coleman thermos was ubiquitous and stood for a break from the hard work to me as a child. I think mass marketing and some bad design moves (in my opinion) have tarnished it a bit. 

That’s rad, I totally understand that! Hey @ColemanUSA … hire these guys 😉 … When did you first become a member at Moniker Commons?
We joined in October of 2018.

What’s a few of your favorite things about officing here but also being in Liberty Station?
It’s pretty hard not to love Liberty Station. Specifically I love the feeling of walking to the Moniker building and seeing the San Diego skyline in the distance. I get a sense of “wow, I’m lucky to work here” everyday. Being a creative, I feed off my surroundings. The market is a great place to just walk around and observe. It’s a microcosm of culture, interaction and consumerism.  If the market and shop areas fill my head, the walks through the parks give me clarity. The community is great here as well, from the staff to the people and companies that share the space, everyone has a great attitude and that spark of hustle that is so energizing to be around.

Yesss… we totally relate to that. Our environment is so important, and the SD skyline is just a real treat. 🙂 If you could have an all expenses paid vacation right now, where would you want to go?
My first stop  would be San Sebastian, Spain with my family. My brother is a chef and studied there – when I visited I was enchanted with everything about that city. The food, the culture, the family-orientated way of life. I want my children to get a sense for the way other people and cultures live – and let them know that they need not subscribe to any way of life set before them, but encourage them to find their own.

SPAIN! Sounds awesome. Allbeit the present circumstances, do you have any plans coming up?
Taking it day by day and making the most of each one at that. Lots of crafts, backyard camp–outs and blow up pool parties!

Branding, design, and UX will forever be critical to a businesses success in this day and age. As consumers we’re only craving that more and more. To learn more about LESS+MORE go find them HERE.

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