Top Benefits of Having a Flexible Workspace

What kind of conditions do you need to produce your best work?

The ideal workplace is going to look a little bit different for each one of us. But there are some universal qualities that make a huge difference to us all at work.

No matter what, all of us work best when we feel a sense of belonging and community. We also thrive when we are allowed to be our authentic selves, instead of trying to fit into a mold that’s not quite right for us. And we also work best when we have people around us to share ideas with and to learn from.

Sounds great, right? What if you could find a workplace that met all of those requirements, and allowed you to get started right away? Every day, hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to work in co-working spaces, where they’re discovering the sense of community that they need in order to thrive. You can do the same.

Finding a Work-Life Balance

Let’s face it – for many of us, finding a work-life balance has become just about impossible. Working from home tends to mean long hours and never fully unplugging from the job. Even if you’re working from the coffee shop, you’re probably struggling to carve out a separation between your workday and your off-time.

When you shift to working in a community work space, you get to reclaim your own time. Every morning you go to work in an inviting, well-furnished office in  the communal working space. It’s easy to focus and be productive, because you’re in a dedicated work area (instead of on your couch, for example).

And every evening, you power down your computer, pack up your things, and come home to enjoy your leisure time. That physical difference that comes from working in a different space is tremendous, and it gives you the work-life balance you need. And, it means no more coffee shops!

Discovering Community

When’s the last time you took a lunch break? A real lunch break, with a friend from the office, where the two of you laughed and talked and then you went back to your desk feeling refreshed and inspired? It’s probably been a while.

That’s the kind of ordinary experience that you need in order to produce your best work, and in order to feel your best. And it’s the kind of experience that becomes a daily, ordinary event when you’re in a flexible work space.

You’ll be surrounded by people all working in different fields, with plenty of fresh ideas to share with you. It’s an automatic community. You won’t have to jump on Facebook or make a string of phone calls in order to find someone to connect with – just step out into the hallway to see if anyone is free to grab a sandwich with you.

Finding Flexible Terms

A good co-working space will provide all the amenities of an office – solid internet service, a comfortable environment, and in most cases a kitchen and a coffee machine. At Moniker Commons, you’ll also have access to great nearby amenities like Linus bikes and Tower paddle boards! You’ll also find affordable rates, since you’re getting a shared space instead of a private office.

The beauty of the communal work space is that, of course, you’ll get the benefit of working in an office – the amenities, the infrastructure, and the community – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. You’ll also be able to continue doing the same job you already know and love.

At Moniker, our inclusive space welcomes anyone looking to do good work among people. Whether you’re an individual needing a place to set up your laptop and meet a deadline, or a small business wanting dedicated work areas  to cultivate a culture of engagement and efficiency, Moniker Commons can meet your needs! Get in touch today to learn about our different levels of membership and figure out which one is right for you

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